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Business Management Database

Business Management Database (BMD) is a web based application that helps the organization to have a centralized master clients....More

Billing Review Report

Electronic Billing Review Reporting (E-BRR) is a web based application that integrated with Microsoft Solomon accounting software....More

Mobile Receipt Upload

Mobile Receipt Upload (MRU) Manage the entire expenses reporting process online,excel spreadsheets,reviewing paper receipts....More


CTL Dashboard (Dashboard) is a web based application that helps the user to access the quick links to applications a departmental budget....More

Concrete Reporting Program

Concrete Reporting Program (CRP) a web based application for Construction Services with the BMD that uses the project information....More

Project Management Program

Project Management Program (PMP) is a web based application that is integrated with the BMD and access the project information and dispatch ....More


Electronic Purchase Order (e-PO) a Web Based Purchase Order Software Simplifies PO Creation and E-PO is a user-friendly....More


Inventory Management Software (iMS) achieves the seamless integration between ePO and eTimesheet in a single application....More


CTL Timesheet (eTS) is Employees can fill up their timesheets on a daily or weekly basis.Projects to be loaded automatically....More