Drum for Leather Processing

Made of White Malaysian Sal Wood selected by our technical department among all the other woods for its outstanding high mechanical resistance, durability, good moisture retention & its complete imperviousness to chemicals attack, either in basic or acidic environments.

Driving Group

  • Indirect speed reduction using a Gear Box.
  • Two speed electric motor.
  • Pinion of a special treated steel material.
  • Pulleys, belts, slides & anchorage bolts.
  • Soft Start.
  • Pneumatic Brakes.


  • Crown Wheel in G30 gray foliated graphite cast iron, balanced and hobbed.
  • Star wheel in G30 gray foliated graphite cast iron.
  • Plummer Block with bush bearings & grease lubrification.
  • Shutter of Stainless Steel, complete with fittings & manoeuvres.
  • Rings in galvanised round iron / stainless steel.
  • Brass / Stainless Steel Heads, Galvanised Steel Bolts, nuts etc..

Drainage System

  • One washing partition in wood with discharge valves in brass.
  • Wooden shelves / pegs disposed to obtain optium mechanical action.
Driving Group Hardware Drainage System Leather Processing
Drum Specification